Xbox One’s monthly updates continue and here are some of the new features coming in July.

Want to track your achievement progress in real-time? Snap Mode for achievements is for you. Microsoft is also including a “Get Help” feature for achievements you are having trouble with. This feature will scour the web and deliver tips straight to your TV. Ok, that sounds pretty awesome.

With the Kinect going by the way side, a quicker way for snapping and un-snapping was needed. Soon you’ll be able to double tap a button on your controller to bring up the Snap Center and snap apps. Double-tap again to go back to full screen.

Microsoft is also working on a feature that will let publishers offer digital bundle and disc compilations in the future. No other details were given, but Microsoft expects “more flexible combinations of game titles and game content.”

And, you’ll soon be able to ‘like’ you friends Game DVR clips and activity feed items.

Microsoft has done a stand up job with its recent updates. Only other things I really want is to be able to use Game DVR easily without a Kinect and a screenshot feature similar to the PS4.

Have some suggestions for a future Xbox One update? Microsoft recently launched Xbox Feedback where you can submit ideas or vote on ideas already submitted.


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