Can we still call drones a niche market? After this holiday season, drones have entered the mainstream. Prices are coming down, and it’s easy to find wannabe drone pilots crashing their latest gifts into trees, buildings and ponds.

3D Robotics is banking on putting feature-packed drones into the hands of the everyday person. The Solo is the product of $10 million and a year plus of R&D. Ambition is everywhere with the company, calling it the smartest consumer drone to hit the market.

Already, the Solo is earning the Instagram of drones. The company hopes it can pull those numbers, but the nickname is for its ease of use.

Two computers onboard make using the device easy. One is for the autopilot to prevent you from sending it into a tree, and the other is to make you look good.

solo 3s robotics

Most drones have autopilot to keep Joe Public from ruining a thousand dollar purchase. The second computer is the compelling feature. It will automatically take the best shot when the Solo is flying itself via GPS.

Speaking to CNBC, CEO Chris Anderson hailed the software.

“We like to joke that we just turned Steven Spielberg into software.”

“Hollywood knows what a great shot looks like. There are rules. Motion, lighting, paths that look good to the eye and that is almost impossible for mere mortals to be able to do manually. These things are really hard to control, so we just turned that into software,” he said.

In a nod to the social media world, footage can be uploaded to social sites automatically.

Drone Market

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 3D Robotics is entering Solo in the upswing of the market. In 2014, consumers spent around $69 million. This year? The number is expected to easily eclipse $100 million.

If you want to break into the drone world, but are lacking in the piloting department, the Solo will release on May 29. Perfect time for you to send it through your backyard fireworks display. What? You know you were thinking it too.


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