I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see VR officially release.

Oculus Rift blew our minds when they announced a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Its success pushed the entire tech industry into VR.

Sony’s entry with Morpheus is intriguing. For one, it’s designed to work with the PlayStation 4. This means you won’t need a beefy PC along with the headset. This should also lower the overall price.

So, how much will it cost? Sony still isn’t saying. PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained why in a new interview with GamesIndustry International.

“We are talking about launching next year so typically we don’t talk about pricing one year ahead of time,” Yoshida said. “I think we announced the price of PS4 at E3 the year of the launch so that’s five months before the launch. So it’s too early.”

“It’s not like we are waiting for Oculus to announce their price,” he added. “We still have work to do to know exactly the cost of goods and so on.”

Shuhei Yoshida morpheus

It makes sense. Morpheus isn’t coming until around holiday 2016. There’s no need to announce the price yet, and like Yoshida said, they are still working on it.

Despite what Yoshida said, waiting for price points from other VR solutions won’t hurt either.

Oculus hasn’t released a definitive price point but has said you will need to spend around $1,500 for an ‘all-in’ Rift experience. Oculus VR dev kits cost $350 right now. A price point in the $200-$400 range sounds like a good bet for Oculus.

Sony will probably aim for a similar price point. $200 would make it an instant buy for me. $400 would be pushing it.

The games and experiences must be great

Great games are always most important for hardware companies. But, it’s even more important for VR. Sony and these other companies have to convince us that throwing down a few extra hundred dollars is worth it.

One of the biggest obstacles for VR companies is showing off this content. VR is something you have to use before you ‘get it.’

Sony needs to get Morpheus to as many events between now and release so people can try it. Also, store demos are a must as the release gets closer.

Yoshida touched on several other things in the GamesIndustry International interview including Morpheus game development and one of the biggest challenges facing Morpheus and VR in general.


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