Skull and Bones beta

Skull and Bones Is Nearly Here And Ubisoft Will Let Us All Try It First

The long-delayed Pirate ship fighting game from Ubisoft is nearly here. The release date is set for February 16, but Ubisoft will give us all a chance to play it on February 7 with an open beta on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. 

Here are a few details about what to expect with the open beta:

  • Infamy Cap of Tier 6
  • Cross-progression and cross-play enabled
  • Progression will carry over to launch
  • Open beta cosmetic rewards

In a short post announcing the open beta, Ubisoft described some of the locales we will be exploring: The Red Isle and The East Indies. The Red Isle was playable in previous playtests, but The East Indies will be new for everyone.

“Located within the Red Isle is the pirate den of Sainte-Anne. Ruled by John Scurlock, the local Kingpin you’ll deal with as you start your rise to the top of the pirate world. This Den is a safe zone where you can interact with other players, craft your ships, weapons, and equipment with the help of the skilled craftsmen who have made this place their home. You’ll be able to access your warehouse to store loot, repair your ship, sell the commodities you liberated from rich merchants, and more.

Reach Telok Penjarah, the Pirate Den in the East Indies, where you’ll meet Admiral Rahma who rules over it. Like Sainte-Anne, this will be a safe zone where you can interact with other players, meet with craftsmen who will be able to help you upgrade your loadout.

Explore the Red Isle, Coast of Africa, Open Seas as well as the East Indies during this Open Beta to meet the different factions present in-game and face them peacefully or turn against them in combat.”

Ubisoft also gave us a look at what to expect with the game’s endgame and the roadmap for the first year.

I’m curious to give this a go next month. Ship combat was one of the highlights of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and you would think a game focused on it would be a slam dunk. But countless delays have most believing Skull and Bones is destined to fail. But maybe 2024 will be the year for surprises. No one expected Palworld to become the biggest game on Steam. Maybe Skull and Bones will turn out good.