T-Mobile had plenty to announce earlier this week. One of the big announcements we covered was that music streaming would not count against your data plan.

Another big announcement was Test Drive. This service lets you try out an iPhone 5S for free for 7 days on their unlimited talk, text and data plan. Turns out, people like free stuff. T-Mobile CEO Jon Legere wrote in a blog post that 12,000 people are ready to try out an iPhone 5S on T-Mobile’s network.

Test Drive orders aren’t available just yet, but will go live on Monday. What does T-Mobile have to gain from offering free phones for 7 days? Well, customers of course. Plus, potential customers get a test drive on T-Mobile’s service. A service that in recent years wasn’t the greatest. Legere has worked hard to right that ship since taking over about two years ago. And, he hopes the Test Drive program might pull in some old T-Mobile customers for another try at the network.

Here’s how Legere described Test Drive in his blog post. “There’s no cost. No hidden fees. No obligation. And no more buying blind. I want you to know our network will work for you and your family – at home, at work, at school and everywhere in between –before you make a decision. I want you to experience our kick-ass network for yourself.”

He’s definitely confident.

Interested in taking him up on his offer of a free iPhone 5S for 7 days? Head on over to their Test Drive page to sign up.


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