Waffle tacos? Check. Doritos Tacos? Check. An upscale version of Taco Bell to do battle with Chipotle? Umm, Chipotle is upscale? Taco Bell is looking for growth and they are wadding up plans and throwing them against the wall. It seems everything is sticking, so why not. The new Taco Bell restaurant, called U.S. Taco Co., will be its concept restaurant.

It will also be the home to a $4 taco. Mas money? The idea is to give the place a glitzy feel. Has anyone ever felt like Tacos garnered a glitzy feel. Just make it to where I avoid food poisoning, and that will suffice. It’s a taco, not an overpriced place that people wear their Yelp reviews like a badge of honor.

Back to the $4 tacos. These will not be your standard taco supreme fare. A pulled pork BBQ with jalapeno bbq sauce. The peach flavor kicks in and deliver a smooth taste. I’m kidding, it’s a taco. There’s one destined to be an American favorite – fried chicken with gravy. Pretty sure KFC already offers that. Another one offers lobster.

Yeah, that’s one menu item I associate with Taco Bell. Lobster. As for happy hour, milkshakes are being planned at U.S. Taco. These will be mixed with Guinness and Tequila. They should have the 1800 guy laughing as they order. Make this fun. Side items include habanero steak fries.

Yum Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, is envisioning this new restaurant as a spot for young people with money to spend. That’s right trust fund babies, they are after you. Yum Brands is wanting to take on the ‘fast-casual’ places like Panera Bread and Chipotle – places where you drop $10-$15 on a meal.

The new restaurant comes as Chipotle is gearing up for a price hike. Avocados and limes have seen a substantial uptick in price, so a five percent price increase is in the pipeline. Jack Hartung, CFO of Chipotle said he didn’t expect demand to dampen. The company maintains its value comes from the experience.

Now, Taco Bell is looking to share that experience with U.S. Taco Co. One bonus of the move, they can’t find a dozen Ronald McDonalds to eat a lobster taco. Though, there should be an over/under on if this place gets an Instagram account. It needs a little bit of sepia. Perfect, that should grab the millennials.


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