A bit edgy from the incessant Turbo Tax questions? For the love of god, I didn’t own a farm… There’s good news. You paid way too much in taxes, and now you can be an early adopter of Google Glass and overpay for it too. America baby. As of 9am EST you can plunk down $1500 (plus tax of course) for a brand new pair of Google Glass.

Those jumping on the train today are in for an Android update coming soon. Dubbed KitKat, it promises better battery life and reliability. New photo features are also coming to the glasses. Developers will see the biggest boost in features, allowing them to write Glassware using the latest SDK from Google.

The update is the biggest since the device arrived to beta testers with Android 4.0 in February 2013.

It’s not all sunshine on the featureset. Video calls are being stripped completely from Google Glass. The company found that less than 10% of its private explorers used the feature, and it didn’t live up to quality standards. It doesn’t mean the feature won’t return, once the quality is there.

Photos is the feature area that is getting the biggest boost. Google is introducing photo bundles that organizes the day’s images and videos. Glass will now make it easier to share these via Google+ Hangouts. The team at Google Glass wants you to be able to reply to ‘what’s up?’ messages with a photo pulled from your library.

Buyers on this one-day sale are encouraged to submit feedback on their experience. To make the process easier, tap on the device info card in Settings and praise or rant away. Brings the suggestion box to a whole new level.

If you are interested in grabbing Google Glass, you better hurry. The sale is for today only. Google wants you to hurry up with the W2, and spend that refund on Google Glass.


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