Looking for your next travel jacket? Or maybe you just need your sweatshirt to have more features than your car? BauBax is offering up its answer with what it calls the ‘The World’s Best Travel Jacket.’

Judging by the response on Kickstarter, people are agreeing with the company in massive numbers. It’s funding goal was set at $20,000. Today? It’s over $3 million with 36 days to go. To put the number in perspective, BauBax has made history as the most funded clothing project ever on Kickstarter.

Hey, I want a travel jacket with options too. You get 15 total options in whatever style you choose. Neck pillow and eye mask? Check. How about earphone holders, phone pocket, an iPad pocket and a zipper that is a pen and stylus? Oh yeah.

One of my favorite options is the drink pocket. The damn thing is insulated with a Neoprene Koozie liner keeping your drink hot or cold, and you hands-free. You have to admit, that’s badass.

travel jacket drink pocket

The other options include a microfiber cloth, pockets for sunglasses, a blanket and your passport. BauBax’s travel jacket also has multi-layered hand warming pockets and integrated gloves.

At this point, you’re wondering if this is some Frankenstein creation you accidentally on purpose bought from Brookstone never to use. It actually looks wearable. Now if you pack your mobile device collection and a Starbucks in the thing it might add some bulk, but overall it’s a winner.

baubax travel jacket features

Travel Jacket Styles

With all the pockets, what about some style? For men and women, you can select from either a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber or blazer. Yeah, BauBax has you ready for the office.

The company is promising top-tier fabric quality, with the bomber being fleece-lined, 100 percent cotton for the sweatshirt, water-repellent for the windbreaker and wrinkle-free for the blazer.

BauBax Jacket Timeline and Cost

It’s Kickstarter, which means you’re effectively preordering the jacket. Shipping dates are set for November. Just in time for the madness of the holidays. I wonder if the drink pocket can fit a flask?

travel jacket baubax kickstarter

Pricing starts at $129 for the sweatshirt and runs up to $159 for the blazer. There are some early-bird spots left, but they are disappearing in a hurry. The only stretch goal missing at this point is the $5 million touchscreen friendly gloves.

Considering it has 36 days to rack up millions more, BauBax may have to think of a new stretch goal.

I just love that it’s a travel jacket that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a poncho. Talk about an underserved market. Let me carry my crap and not look ridiculous. BauBax travel jacket knocks it out of the park and will have me jetting through Hartsfield in comfortable style.

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