new Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Redesign Coming Next Year, Ditches The Box

Another set of unredacted documents tied to the FTC v. Microsoft (Activision Blizzard acquisition case) is giving us a look at what games and hardware are coming. Let’s take a look at the hardware. 

According to the documents, a mid-generation refresh is coming in 2024 for the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. We get  a clear picture of what the new Xbox Series X looks like, or at least a mockup of what Microsoft wants it to look like. 

new Xbox Series X

The folks at Xbox are ditching the box look for a cylinder. It also won’t include a disc drive. To make the switch to all-digital a little easier to swallow, Xbox is bumping the storage to 2TB (up from 1TB currently). Still, the decision to move all-digital is sure to be a controversial one. 

It’ll also have upgraded wireless and bluetooth capabilities, a new USB-C port on the front, and be more power efficient.

According to the document, Microsoft plans for this redesigned Series X to be available in November 2024 at $499. What about the Series S refresh? That’s set for a September 2024 release and will keep the existing price of $299. It’ll sport the same improvements to wireless and bluetooth and get a storage bump to 1TB. 

One of the slides also suggests the Xbox Series X redesign will come to Xbox Design Lab. Note the “Xbox Series X in XDL.”

A new controller will also be packed in every new Series S and Series X console, according to the documents. Folks who deal with stick drift will be happy to see Xbox tout “new module thumbsticks” that offer “improved longevity” and “continued build improvements.” It’ll also have an accelerometer, quieter buttons and thumbsticks, and improved bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The new controller is set to launch in June 2024.

It’s important to note that these slides were dated last year. Plans can and often do change. Still, it’s a stunning look into what one of the big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) has planned over the next 12 months and beyond. 

It’s been a fun week in gaming news. This FTC v. Microsoft case has turned into a mini E3.

Images: Microsoft