Warzone one shot snipers

XRK Stalker Becomes Second One-Shot Sniper With Warzone Season 2 Launch

While the community welcomed the return of one-shot snipers to Warzone, there weren’t many options. Until today, only the KATT-AMR could eliminate enemies with a single shot without needing a special attachment. The XRK Stalker is now joining the club. 

Season 2’s lengthy patch notes include changes to a handful of snipers. The standout here are the changes to the XRK Stalker:

  • Now one-shot downs to the head within its Max Damage Range.
  • Max damage range increased to 50.8 meters.

Fans now have another option for their sniper loadouts that can take out other players in a single shot. And with better ADS and mobility stats, many folks who leaned on the KATT-AMR will probably be making the switch – especially on the smaller Resurgence maps.

Besides the XRK Stalker getting a buff, the launch of Season 2 brought another weapon balance pass and some positive gameplay changes for folks who play with mouse/keyboard. 

ADS Idle Sway was tweaked to improve precision aiming. This is across the board for all input devices, but the devs single out the improvements specifically for mouse players.

On the weapon side of things, I will point out a few of the bigger changes. Check out the full patch notes for more.

The Ram-7 is now weaker with changes to Mid and Min Damage values. 

  • Mid Damage reduced to 24, down from 28.
  • Min Damage reduced to 22, down from 25.

The Pulemyot 762 received another nerf when used with its Jak Annihilator Bullpup Kit.

  • Near-Mid Damage set to 32. New Variable
  • Near-Mid Damage Range set to 38.1m. New Variable
  • Min Damage reduced to 30, down from 34.

The MTZ Interceptor received another round of nerfs as well.

  • Increased sprint to fire time to 262ms, up from 252ms.
  • Increased aim down sight time to 280ms, up from 265ms.
  • Decreased neck multiplier to 1.0x, down from 1.62x.

Frag Grenades saw a nice buff across the board.

  • Close Damage increased to 275, up from 250
  • Mid Damage increased to 200, up from 150
  • Far Damage increased to 175, up from 105

The developers explained they can now give separate damage values for frags for Warzone. “With this update, we’ve properly branched the damage values so that Warzone uses its own tuning and we have increased its damage back up to a position that allows it to be effective. We will continue to adjust damage values across equipment to create more identity and desire to utilize them for different reasons.”

There’s a lot of tweaks, bug fixes, and new content dropping in today’s update. Give the full patch notes a read to see if your favorite weapon was tweaked or not. And keep an eye on folks like TrueGameData or JGOD for how the Season 2 update is shaking up Warzone’s best weapons.