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PUBG’s Black Budget Will Be “Inheriting and Enhancing PUBG’s Powerful Gunplay”

We first learned about Project Black Budget back in November’s earnings release. It was described as an extraction shooter developed by PUBG Studios with a tentative release date of the second half of 2024. No word on a release date, but last week’s earnings release did offer a few more details.

Krafton describes Black Budget as “popularizing the Extraction Shooter genre.” It’ll also be “inheriting and enhancing PUBG’s powerful gunplay.” So, while the genre will be different, the gunplay millions of fans are used to with PUBG will be carrying over.

Here are a few more bullet points straight from last week’s earnings:

  • Essential genre-specific experience of gambling.
  • A world demanding strategic choices during every session.
  • Player progression varied by Risk-Reward decisions.
  • Inheriting and enhancing PUBG’s powerful gunplay.
  • Deep and challenging gameplay experience.

Like PUBG did initially, Krafton is planning an early access period for Black Budget (via PlayerIGN). 

Again, there has yet to be a firm release date, but the original reveal suggested a second half of 2024 release date. It wouldn’t shock me if we see an official Black Budget reveal this summer. There will likely be plenty of events to drop a reveal trailer such as Summer Games Fest or the PC Gaming Show. Or Krafton could do their own reveal event. We’ll see what they end up doing.

I’m curious to see what PUBG comes up with. While a handful of games like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown dominate the genre, Black Budget could muscle its way in. I would lean towards a more casual take on the genre. I was big into Tarkov a couple of years ago, but it’s about as far from casual as it gets. Unforgiving gameplay mixed with limited loot can be a turn-off. But if you stick with it, it’s some of the most fun and intense gameplay out there.

Krafton’s most recent earnings also briefly touched on Subnautica 2. That game is expected to launch in early access sometime next year. You can check out a brief overview of the rest of Krafton’s earnings here