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Here’s Your First Look at the Amazon Controller

What happens when you smash an Xbox controller together with an Onlive controller? You get Amazon’s new gaming controller. This thing looks like it would give you instant hand cramps.

David Zatz uncovered the pictures from Brazil’s FCC. Check out one of them below. For the rest, head on over to Zatz’s website.

amazon controller

The controller has a thumbstick layout similar to Microsoft’s controller. But, it also adds media playback buttons and buttons for controlling the Android system.

Rumors of an Amazon set-top box have been going on for months. Not a lot is known, but clearly Amazon is making a push into gaming with it. Amazon Instant Video will logically be a huge part of the device. Support for 3rd party media apps including Netflix and Hulu Plus have been rumored as well.

Since Amazon hasn’t announced anything yet, no one has any idea when it may launch. But, it looks like it will be coming soon judging from the photos above.

This isn’t like launching a dedicated video game console. Amazon will not have to announce the set-top box far in advance of shipping. It’ll likely be similar to its Kindle launches in the past. Near instant.

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Here’s Your First Look at the Amazon Controller