Did you snap up a Xbox One for $350 over the holidays? If you procrastinated, you are out of luck in the near-term. Microsoft has made good on its promise and returned the Xbox One to the $400 retail price.

The November price cut was always promised to be a temporary one, though I had my doubts. The $50 cut was key to Xbox One outselling its rival, PS4, in November. December numbers have yet to hit, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see it on top again.

Sony has acknowledged that the price cut has been a challenge for the Playstation brand. A terrible Assassin’s Creed Unity launch didn’t help either. Andrew House recently spoke to Reuters about the challenge of Microsoft’s aggressive pricing.

If you have waited till the last minute, there are a few Xbox bundles floating around Amazon for $380. Search other retailers too as some will be slow to fix the SKU pricing.

Will we see a return of the $350 price point? I’d say it’s close to a certainty. E3 is just around the corner. Fans would love to see a $349 price point trotted out. Toss in Playstation matching, and this could be an amazing year for gamers.

Let’s all hope for game releases that are not broken on arrival. That’s a trend that has to change.


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