Props to the owners of Trunk Club on the Nordstrom exit. Cause Amazon is coming. And malls? Yeah, you were already done, but Jeff Bezos is the gleefully vindictive type. Just ask grocery stores what happened last week.

The company is rolling out the beta of Prime Wardrobe. Select the clothes you want, UPS shows up, and you try before you buy. Keep three items and get a 10 percent discount. Keep five or more, and the discount jumps to 20 percent. Damn Amazon. We get it. You hate anything you don’t own.

Toss in the Amazon Echo Look, and it’s easy to see Amazon has its sights set on dominating every aspect of the retail market.

Good thing their phones sucked, right Apple and Samsung?

It wouldn’t be a launch without a marketing video. Amazon, take it away.

Over one million items of clothing will be eligible at launch. You can sign up to be notified here. Judging by the pace of Amazon moves, it’s doubtful we’ve seen the last rollout or acquisition this year.

I wonder how long until we have to show our Amazon Prime card as proof of citizenship of the United States of Amazon? I already know my UPS driver by name. Maybe we should just add the guy a room onto our house. Lightning ole boy, what say you?

The dog hates the UPS truck. And crows.

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