I first heard about Ultimate General: Gettysburg a few months ago. Since then, the game has been Greenlit on Steam and will release on Steam Early Access soon. A few days ago, Game Labs unveiled the first gameplay video of the title. In the 20 minute long gameplay reveal, we see an AI Confederate player advance on Gettysburg as Union forces tries to hold them off.

Texts and diagrams are used to explain what’s going in the video. You’ll see attacks and counter attacks as the forces trade blows.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg will make heavy use of the fog of war.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg looks great. The art style really helps show the graphics off. Game Labs says the video is from an older beta version, so “some gameplay and visual inconsistencies may be noticed.”

No word yet on when the title will hit Steam Early Access. Check out the 20 minute gameplay video below.


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