MW3 season 1 content

Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 Has A Lot For Everyone

We are less than a week away from the launch of Modern Warfare 3’s highly anticipated Season 1. The Warzone integration with Modern Warfare 3 will grab the headlines, but there’s a lot here, no matter what mode you enjoy. 

Let’s have a look at the trailer.

A quick note before we dive into everything. Season content is divided into two categories – the stuff at launch and mid-season. Mid-season refers to the launch of Season 1 Reloaded, which the developers have confirmed is coming in early 2024. 

Warzone’s integration with Modern Warfare 3 will see the launch of the new Urzikstan map. This is the same map you’ve been playing on Modern Warfare Zombies over the past few weeks. But Urzikstan won’t be the only playable Warzone map coming next week. Vondel and Ashika will get the ‘Carry Forward’ treatment two days after Season 1’s December 6 launch.

What about playlists? Our Warzone playlist article covers all of that, but here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Battle Royale (all squad sizes throughout Season 1)
  • Resurgence (Urzikstan Resurgence focuses on three parts of the map: Orlov Military Base, Popov Power, and Zaravan Suburbs)
  • Plunder 

Modes coming In-Season: 

  • Lockdown
  • Slay Ride Resurgence (Limited-Time Mode)

On the multiplayer side, Season 1 brings four brand-new maps, including Meat (6v6), Greece (6v6), Rio (6v6, In-Season release), and Training Facility (2v2, Gunfight). Gunfight will also include four maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Alley, Blacksite, Exhibit, and Shipment). 

We’re getting plenty of modes as well, including:

  • Gunfight (launch)
  • All or Nothing (launch) – Throwing knives only. 
  • Vortex (limited-time mode, mid-season) – One player spawns with the one-shot Ray Gun. If you can take them out, you get it.
  • CODMAS (limited-time mode, mid-season)
  • Infected (mid-season)
  • Headquarters (mid-season)
  • Team Gunfight (mid-season) – Players start with the same randomized loadout at the start of the match. Loadouts change as the match goes on.
  • Ranked Play (mid-season)

Sorry Ground War fans. It looks like we’re not getting anything new for Season 1. 

Modern Warfare Zombies has been a pleasant surprise, and Treyarch is adding more stuff next week. Here’s what the devs have in store for Season 1. We’re getting a new story act, wonder weapon, Dark Aether Rifts, and more. 

Here’s a little more on what we can expect with Dark Aether Rifts:

“Dark Aether Rifts bring rewards to those who brave their challenges. These otherworldly labyrinths are located inside the Dark Aether, where players and their squad have 30 minutes to complete a series of increasingly chaotic objectives to earn exceptional rewards. Find Sigils to unlock the Dark Aether Rift and face a new level of challenge!”

The full road map covers every detail of what’s coming in Season 1. I touched on the major additions, but we’re also getting new weapons, perks, killstreaks, gameplay changes, and more. 

Season 1 launches on December 6, with Season 1 Reloaded coming in early 2024.