GTA 6 trailer release date

Years of rumors. An enormous leak from September 2022. All that is about to be behind us as we will soon get our first official look at Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar Games dropped a simple post on X/Twitter this morning announcing Trailer 1 will premiere on December 5 at 9 a.m. ET. 

Next week will be a good one for gaming fans as Rockstar kicks things off on Tuesday, followed by the trailer-heavy The Game Awards on Thursday. 

So, what can we expect from the first GTA 6 trailer? Let’s take a look at Rockstar Games’ last two big releases. 

The premiere trailers for both games don’t dive too much into the gameplay side of things. Hell, we don’t see gameplay at all in both of them. Instead, we get a feel for the world Rockstar Games is crafting. Here’s GTA V’s first trailer.

And Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar followed this up with trailers diving deeper into the playable characters.

Rockstar ended up marketing both games for around two years before their releases. But game marketing has changed in recent years. We don’t see the multi-year build-up for game releases much anymore. Plus, one big piece of information suggests GTA 6 will come out sometime in the next 16 months – Take Two’s earnings forecasts. 

For fiscal 2025 (starting April 2024), Take-Two expects sales of $8 billion. That’s $2.5 billion more than their forecasts for fiscal 2024 (started April 2023). What could cause that kind of jump? Most see a GTA 6 release as the only way. 

As for a potential release date? The GTA franchise is big enough that it doesn’t have to be released during the holiday season. GTA IV came out in April 2008, while GTA V was released in September 2013. Look for the entire industry to be watching GTA 6’s release date closely. You’ll see the calendar clear out as publishers look to avoid going up against what is expected to be the biggest game in years.

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