COD: Black Ops 4’s Blackout Teaser is Just That

It’s a tease, but it’s a good one. A new Black Ops 4 trailer hit today showing off the beta many of us will be playing this weekend and the next. But it’s what the trailer ends with that’ll have everybody talking. Our first look at Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode called Blackout. Let’s check it out.

I’ve been sold on the Battle Royale genre since before H1Z1 split into two games. And I’m crossing my fingers Call of Duty’s Blackout delivers. The quick 15-second sneak peek looks good. I think the added wrinkle of vehicles (land, air, and sea) could add a breath of fresh of air to the genre. Plus, I’m pumped to see how Call of Duty’s gameplay translates into a large scale match.

Details on Blackout are still slim, but we do know the map takes multiplayer/zombie maps from various Call of Duty games and slaps them onto one map. The folks over at CharlieIntel grabbed some screenshots showing them off. We get a glimpse of Veruckt, Nuketown, Cargo, and Raid.

The regular multiplayer footage is also looking solid. After 2+ years of pretty much playing only Battle Royale games, I’m looking forward to respawn modes again. The beta is packed with more content than we usually see. Treyarch wants your feedback on six maps, six modes, and ten specialists. You’ll know if Black Ops 4 is for you after next month’s beta tests.

We’ll also get our hands on Blackout during a September beta. I can’t wait to see Treyarch plans on shaking up the Battle Royale formula. I hope it’s more than just Battle Royale with a Call of Duty skin.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is hitting about a month earlier than usual on October 12. A blog post over at Activision covers the exact start times for this weekend’s beta on PS4 and next weekend’s beta on Xbox One/PS4.