Good news beachgoers. Your crippling fear of getting attacked by a great white shark has just been UAV’d. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is providing the footage that looks like a horrifying ad for Shark Week.

In 2013, the Institute brought an underwater submersible to Guadalupe Island in Mexico. Dubbed the REMUS ‘Shark Cam’, the underwater UAV came complete with six cameras, and the ability to track animals previously tagged via transponder signals. Basically a mini sub with a lot of GoPro cameras.

So, how did they capture the footage? By coming up behind previously tagged great whites. Naturally, the sharks thought the UAV was food, and proceeded to attack it from all angles. At least the sub was built to last.

You get five minutes of sharks attacking from every direction from the point-of-view of the hunted. Yeah, this really makes me want to hit the beaches of Mexico. The video is definitely worth the watch, and researchers get a glimpse of the style of hunting that attacking great whites employ.

If you have had Jaws nightmares, this is just going to reinforce them. To those nutty enough to get in a shark cage to watch, the video should make you think twice.

REMUS SharkCam: The hunter and the hunted from Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. on Vimeo.


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