Diablo 4’s next Developer Update Livestream is set for January 18 at 9am PST. Blizzard’s Adam Fletcher, Daniel Tanguay, Madeline James, and Adam Jackson will dive into what fans can expect in Season 3. 

We haven’t heard anything official about what’s coming to Season 3. Our first look at it will come during next week’s livestream. The only thing we do know for sure is the release date, January 23. 

We know one thing that won’t come in Season 3 – Itemization changes. One of the biggest complaints from the community is how itemization works with Diablo 4’s loot. The sheer number of affixes makes figuring out if a new piece of gear is an upgrade or not a chore. Finding upgrades can be difficult because it’s so rare to get a perfect roll across the affixes. There’s not that sense of progression at higher levels of getting better and better pieces of gear. 

During a livestream back in November, the devs said they are still working on the changes, and fans can expect these to be implemented with Season 4. They explained there will be adjustments to multiple systems so it all works correctly.

Fixing the itemization and working on more endgame content were two of the team’s top priorities at the time. And I imagine they still are. 

We can expect a dedicated livestream covering just itemization once the devs are ready to discuss it.

They talk about these upcoming changes for about 15 minutes in the video below. It should start with the itemization discussion; if it doesn’t, fast forward to around 58 minutes. 

While Season 3 is right around the corner on January 23, this year will also bring with it Diablo 4’s first expansion, Vessel of Hatred. The expansion will introduce a new region and a class never seen before in the franchise. 

Here’s what we can expect in 2024 for Diablo 4 (assuming the three-month Seasons continue):

January 23 – Season 3 launch

April – Season 4 launch.

July – Season 5 launch.

October – Season 6 launch.

TBD – Vessel of Hatred DLC (most likely second half of 2024)

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