MTZ Interceptor Warzone nerf

The Warzone MTZ Interceptor Nerf Is Here

A much broader weapon balance patch is coming with the launch of Season 1 Reloaded on January 17, but the devs wanted to go ahead and get the MTZ Interceptor nerf out the door. Let’s take a look at what’s changed.

MTZ Interceptor 

  • Max Damage reduced to 85, down from 95
  • Min Damage reduced to 78, down from 84

The devs opted for a clean decrease in damage across the board. The question is, is it enough? It’s probably not enough to get folks to stop using it, but it will make three-shot kills less common.

Your total health in Warzone is 300 (150 base health and 150 more with three armor plates). The Min Damage drop means it’s still a four-shot kill anywhere on the body. The Max Damage drop strips away most of the three-shot potential (one headshot, two body shots). You should still be able to get a three-shot kill, but now you’ll need to land two headshots and a body shot. 

I don’t see these changes pushing too many folks away from the MTZ Interceptor. It still takes out opponents in four body shots, just like before today’s nerf. 

The developers also decided to re-enable the Snake Shot attachment, but it comes with a massive reduction in damage per pellet at max range:

Snake Shot

  • Damage per pellet at max range reduced to 12, down from 34

The Warzone devs continue their approach of small tweaks to meta weapons. They felt that a three-shot kill with the MTZ Interceptor was too easy. But it is comfortable where it sits with four body shot kills. 

We could also see another update soon if there’s still pushback from the community. A larger weapon balance pass will come on January 17 as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update.