Baldur's Gate 3 save bug xbox

Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Save-Erasing Bug Still Causing Headaches

Shortly after the release of the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3, folks on that platform reported that their save files were randomly deleted. On December 11, the game’s official X account posted that an Xbox update should “help with some of these issues.” A few weeks later and the save bug persists.

Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing Michael Douse gave a small update on X yesterday in response to a person asking if the save bug was being worked on:

“It’s being worked on. It’s firmware side, which means engineers at Microsoft are still working on it. It’s the holidays so a lot of folks are off, but it’s still being actively investigated over there. Folks are taking it very seriously.”

While the holiday season is one reason for the slow fix, it also appears the bug is hard to reproduce. Douse responded to another person and said the bug “couldn’t be reproduced which – before feedback – means it’s fixed. After feedback became clear that it was lingering, heading into the holidays. Lower capacity means slower solution.”

So, Microsoft is aware of the issue. But with many folks out of the office for the holidays a fix is taking longer than usual. Hopefully, we’ll see some movement on the save bug as we get into next week. 

Microsoft has also published a support page with several potential workarounds for avoiding the save-erasing bug. From Xbox:

“In order to avoid this issue players should save their game and then return to the Xbox dashboard and select “Quit Game” or “Save to Quick Resume” from the game menu (Home, Game, Select, and then choose “Save to Quick Resume” or “Quit”) when they finish playing. Users should not disconnect their console from the power. Users should select “shut down” from the console menu and leave their Xbox connected to power. We are working to fix this ASAP.”

If you’ve run into this issue, you can try the steps above to help avoid it from happening again. But don’t expect a permanent fix until after New Year’s.