Well that was quick. Two weeks after release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a pair of new maps. The official Call of Duty Twitter made the announcement moments ago.

Shoot House is a new multiplayer map designed around 6v6 modes. Krovnik Farmland gives Ground War fans a new sprawling map besides the near constant Karst River Quarry matches.

Hardpoint is also going live tomorrow. And as always with future Modern Warfare maps and modes, it’s free for everyone.

If you’ve been keeping up with Modern Warfare leaks, you know both Shoot House and Krovnik Farmalnd were on the list of 38 maps datamined recently.

Hardpoint doesn’t show up in the list of multiplayer modes recently datamined, but that could be because it’s already playable via custom matches.

With the first set of maps lining up with the recent map leak, it looks like that list of 38 maps is the real deal. It’ll be interesting to see how often Infinity Ward will drop new maps. Four maps a month would stretch those 38 maps deep into next year.

I’m crossing my fingers Shoot House delivers a solid map. The devs stretched themselves too thin on 6v6 maps at launch. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the maps were good, but one of the biggest complaints from the community is map design. And how it influences the gameplay. There’s way too many places to camp, and too many sight lines to watch.

A patch is also expected to drop alongside the maps tomorrow according to a developer (via Resetera). Here are the priority issues expected to be addressed according to Joe Cecot, a co-design director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward.

Those issues are a good place to start. Hopefully, we’ll get a detailed list of patch notes tomorrow of exactly what Infinity Ward tweaked.

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