The First Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off What Bethesda Calls “The Perfect Mix”
Rage 2 BFG

E3 is about a month away, and today we are getting our first solid look at one of the games headlining Bethesda’s showcase this year. Here’s a just under two-minute taste of Rage 2 gameplay.

That “perfect mix” Bethesda describes is the two studios behind Rage 2. Avalanche Studios and id Software. A solid open-world developer joining forces with the team behind DOOM. It’s hard to say anything is a guarantee for a game with a 2019 release date. Hell, any game for that matter. But barring some colossal screw-up in development, Rage 2’s gunplay will be incredible. Just rip the system straight from DOOM, and I’ll be happy.

Bethesda’s marketing hypes up an over-the-top, colorful wasteland. The quick-cuts in the gameplay trailer don’t do the best job at selling it, but the screenshots show it off. Humanity might be struggling for supplies, but the paint aisle at Lowes is still stocked.

Rage 2 colorful cars

Rage 2 Kvasir

Rage 2 truck

Here’s a blurb from Bethesda describing what faces us in Rage 2:

In the year 2185, humanity’s numbers are dwindling. Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule who remains with an iron fist. You are Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland. Robbed of your home and left for dead, you’ll tear across an unforgiving wasteland battling bloodthirsty gangs to find the tools and tech needed to take the fight to The Authority and crush their oppressive rule once and for all!

No word on a specific release date for Rage 2 outside of 2019, but Bethesda promises a much more in-depth look at Rage 2 at their E3 Showcase on June 10. Now all I need is a little Mick Gordon music to go with id Software’s gunplay.

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