Trevor Noah Will Help Reveal Battlefield V on May 23

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is giving EA/DICE an assist with their Battlefield V reveal on May 23. Noah tweeted out the news a short while ago.

It also appears that EA and Microsoft are teaming up for marketing again with Battlefield V. Check out the ‘TrevorNoahXbox’ gamertag in the bottom left during the short glimpses of gameplay.

Before anyone gets excited and thinks ‘V’ also means Vietnam, World War 2 is expected to be the backdrop for the next Battlefield. That’s according to a VentureBeat report from March.

A separate VentureBeat report offered a few details on what to expect from Battlefield V. I’ll touch on some of the details below, but check out the story for more.

Mini-story campaign structure returns. VentureBeat says DICE is embracing a campaign structure much like the one they used in Battlefield 1. The Battlefield series (outside Bad Company) isn’t known for their strong story, but I enjoyed the mini-stories in Battlefield 1. Outside making a new Bad Company, sticking with the mini stories is a smart move.

Co-op play. VentureBeat confirmed another leak about DICE working on some form of co-op play, but no confirmation on how exactly it will look.

Going prone on back. If you’ve played Rainbow Six: Siege, you know how this works. It allows you to go prone up against walls/corners without it affecting movement.

I’m not the biggest fan of DICE’s decision to stay in the past. But, that’s more about me wanting to fly helicopters again than anything else. I’ll be content as long as Battlefield V has more sight attachments. I can’t handle another Battlefield with mostly iron sights, realism be damned.

I’m also curious to see what EA/DICE has planned for DLC. Is Premium returning? Will EA go with a Fortnite-like Battle Pass system instead of charging directly for maps? After the Battlefront 2 fiasco, EA is sure to tread lightly with any loot box system. We’ll see how it all shakes out next week.