Thanks to Fort Minor, I now feel a bit older. After a ten year hiatus, Mike Shinoda is reviving his side project from Linkin Park with a new single, Welcome.

You may remember the last single that played non-stop on the radio ten years ago, Where’d You Go. The hip hop project from Shinoda was always meant as a way for the artist to break out creatively from Linkin Park.

“Fort Minor is a solo project,” Shinoda says. “It was born out of my earliest experience as a music and visual art fan. My influences were always outsider influences, songs sung by underdogs. I related to them because they were like me.”

“And although Linkin Park was eventually embraced by millions, I eventually felt drawn back to the ‘outside’ — to reconnect with my voice and aesthetic as an individual. It’s modern DIY, fueled by technology, inspiration and ambition.”

Welcome is a pushback against hip-hop critics that didn’t embrace his first album Rising Tied.

If you’re still not a fan, at least appreciate the video’s concept. Shot in VR/360, Shinoda paints a 12X80’ mural in Venice Beach. If there is an album, some lucky fans will get their hands on one-of-a-kind Fort Minor art.

After the completion of the video, the mural was broken into individual album sleeves to be used as album art. Shinoda also signed the sleeves in the event of an album release. It’s hard to bank on one after ten years off.

Check out the video below:

What do you think? Are you glad to see Shinoda’s Fort Minor back from a ten-year break? Or, would you rather consign it to history after the non-stop replays of Where’d You Go?


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