A Gears of War remaster is coming. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Well, there’s a lot of smoke.

Here’s what we do know.

The Brazilian rating body, Classificação Indicativa, has listed a game called Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Game rating agencies are known to out unannounced titles from time to time. The rating agency lists a 2015 release date. That does match up with recent rumors/leaks about a Gears of War remaster.

Reports surrounding Gears of War: Ultimate Edition say it only includes the first Gears of War. A Polygon report says only the first Gears of War is getting the remaster treatment. Earlier rumors suggested Microsoft was working on a remaster of the first three Gears of War games. Black Tusk Studio Head Rod Fergusson downplayed those rumors in a tweet earlier this year.

That makes sense if only the first game is getting remastered. Rod could be throwing some smoke out us too. Microsoft wants to save whatever announcement they have for E3. I’m sure they don’t want their developers announcing specific games on Twitter.

Gears of War 1

Kotaku backs up Polygon’s report with multiple people telling them it’s only the first Gears of War.

I hope all three get the remaster treatment, but if I had to pick one – it would be the first Gears. Plus, maybe Microsoft is a bit shy about doing more than one game after seeing what happened with Halo. Could you blame them?

Splash Damage is reportedly working on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Another source told Polygon, Splash Damage is working on the remaster. You might recognize the name from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink and Dirty Bomb.

I have just one request Microsoft. Don’t put several different companies on this. We saw what happened with Halo: Master Chief Collection. Don’t let history repeat itself.

Will we see a new, original Gears of War at E3? A remaster is pretty much a given. We are just waiting for the official announcement. But, what about an original Gears of War title? Will we see what Black Tusk is working on?

I would be shocked if we don’t see a teaser from Black Tusk. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is adamant about this E3 being more about first party games than past E3s.


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