Want to watch the World Cup? Want to watch it on Chromecast? You’re in luck. The WatchESPN app is making its way over to Chromecast. You’ll be able to watch every kick, yellow card and goal on your TV through Chromecast.

Cut your cable recently? You’re out of luck. You will need some kind of pay-TV service to take advantage of the Chromecast/WatchESPN integration. Maybe one day sports won’t be stuck behind the cable/satellite paywall. But, it’s not this day.

“Next week, U.S. soccer fans will have the ability to watch all 64 World Cup games with the tap of the cast button (vuvuzelas not included),” said Brad Foreman, head of sports partnerships for Chromecast. Oh god. I forget about the vuvuzelas. Please tell me those are banned now.

“Of course, in addition to soccer, you can also cast all of ESPN’s other sports content, from the NBA Finals and X Games to college football,” Foreman added. This includes ESPN3 along with all the other ESPN channels. That’ll be handy, especially on College Football Sunday this Fall.

WatchESPN isn’t the only app hitting Chromecast this week. Google+, Major League Soccer Matchday and Crunchyroll are now on Chromecast.

“Starting today, you can transform your TV into a photo album and cast Google+ photos and videos,” Foreman wrote. “Just look for the cast button in the Photos view of Google+ for Android and iOS.”

Here’s a short teaser video of WatchESPN in action on Chromecast.


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