GTA 6 trailer

Every 2024 Game Breathes Easy As GTA VI Trailer Releases, Coming 2025

After yet another leak, this time its trailer, Rockstar Games decided to push the publish button early on its first GTA VI trailer. Tonight’s trailer was first teased almost a month ago. Now it’s here. 

The trailer takes us through plenty of craziness in Vice City. Our first character, Lucia, is introduced in what appears to be a jail. Asked if she knows why she’s here, Lucia replies, “bad luck, I guess.” 

We’re then treated to quick cuts of Vice City. Beaches, swamps, cities, and everything in between.

The franchise is known for parodying popular culture, and the trailer teases social media as Rockstar’s next target. 

It’s an impressive first look at the most anticipated game of 2025. That’s right, the trailer ends with “Coming 2025.” And with that, every game slated for a 2024 release breathes a massive sigh of relief. 

UPDATE: The official press release states GTA VI is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025. No mention of a PC release. Yep, Rockstar knows folks are going to double dip for the inevitable PC version.

Any game looking to do anything sales-wise will avoid GTA VI like the plague. Few games can generate the hype, and more importantly, deliver like the Grand Theft Auto franchise. 

This trailer lines up with what Rockstar Games usually does. Look for more trailers to drop in 2024 with deep dives into the two characters featured in the trailer. 

As for when in 2025 we might see GTA VI release? Take-Two’s (Rockstar’s parent company) earnings have suggested fiscal 2025 (12-month period beginning April 2024) is in the cards. The company is expecting a significant boost in sales ($8 billion versus $5.5 billion for fiscal 2024) for this period, with many assuming GTA VI would be responsible. Take-Two would need the game to launch before April 2025 for GTA VI sales to be included in fiscal 2025. 

It’ll be 12 years since the release of GTA V when GTA VI releases. And Rockstar Games will have their work cut out for them to match the absurd 190 million copies its predecessor sold.