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How Armor And Plating Will Work in Warzone 2’s Season 2


Season 2 is bringing many new changes and additions to Warzone 2. This week, the devs published a deep dive into these changes. Let’s look at how armor and plating will change with Season 2’s launch on February 15. 

3-Plate vests become the default. This is an excellent quality-of-life change back to how it worked in the first Warzone. The current two-plate, three-plate system is primarily felt in the early game – but its impacts are enormous with too much randomness. Players need to be on equal footing in the early game. 

Here’s how the devs describe the change. “This standardization will bring a more reliable feel to each engagement from the get-go.”

If the devs want to add another vest, they could always adopt something similar to the Tempered perk in the first Warzone. That lets you fill a three-plate vest with only two plates. For now, there will only be the default armor vest moving forward.

Players can bust through doors while plating. One of my biggest issues with plating in Warzone 2.0 is how vulnerable you are after taking fire. Right now, your only movement option is to bunny hop for a slight boost while plating. The devs describe the change coming to Season 2:

“Starting with Season 02, Players will be able to bust through doors while plating the way the would if they were sprinting. This change includes a slight increase to movement speed while plating to enable Players to get to cover faster in movements of need.”

It doesn’t sound like sprinting speed, but any boost to movement will be a welcome change. 

Both of these changes are steps in the right direction. And while I want to see plating while sprinting become a thing, I can see how that could mess with the combat flow. Damaged players should be at a disadvantage, but you are a sitting duck with how plating works right now. We’ll see if the slight bump in movement speed and being able to bust through doors will be a decent middle ground. 

This week’s lengthy blog post won’t be the last time we hear from the devs prior to February 15 launch. A Season 02 announcement blog post is slated for February 8, with full patch notes and other posts from Call of Duty coming before Season 02’s launch. 

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