PUBG’s Newest Map Is Called Karakin, Here’s Our First Look

1/15 UPDATE: Karakin is playable right now on PUBG’s test servers. It’s a desert map measuring 2×2 kilometers with the player count knocked down to 64 players to accommodate the smaller size. The newly added Black Zone can level entire towns and compounds. The destructible environment don’t stop there. Certain walls can be blown up, and the thin walls inside buildings can be shot through. 

Original article follows.

It’s been more than a year since PUBG released a new map. That dry spell is about to end. Today, we got a glimpse at a new desert map called Karakin. And according to a short teaser posted by PUBG’s Twitter account, it’s coming soon.

That “soon” could be imminent as PUBG’s fifth season wraps up later today on PC (January 21 on consoles). 

It’s been a bit since I’ve played PUBG, but I don’t remember being able to see bombs fall from the sky before. Maybe I’m wrong on that? You can also see a boomerang on the hack of the second character running towards the small town. And what looks like a panzerfaust (rocket launcher from WWII) on the back of the first character. It looks like the folks at PUBG are bringing more than a new map to PUBG in the not so distant future.

PlayerIGN, a YouTuber who posts leaks/news about PUBG, says the map will have destructible elements to it. We’ll know for sure once the map hits test servers, but PlayerIGN was tweeting the name of the map eight hours before the teaser went up. 

In other news, PUBG also announced earlier today the Motor Glider is coming to live servers tomorrow. It looks like PUBG is shaping up to have a busy week. I’ll update this post once we know when Karakin is coming to test (or live) servers.