Not even a single letter…

Ever wanted to try that tattoo before you commit to a lifetime of why the hell did I do that? Inkbox has you covered with its two-week temporary tattoo. Don’t worry, these are not the fake tattoo stickers you buy for your nieces and nephews.

Fruit-based, it lasts for two weeks, and you can proudly wear it out in public. Well, you can at least wear it out in public. Inkbox may be badasses, but they can’t account for your complete lack of taste.

How does it work? The company offers over 300 designs in an attempt to save you from yourself. Good looking out inkbox. Once it arrives, applying the ‘ink’ is simple.

inkbox tattoo application

Peel the back off the tattoo. Place it wherever you think that chevron style would look good. Wet the towelette under water. Slap on the provided glove. Tell the patient…

Press and hold the towelette over the square, in the middle, for ten minutes. That’s it. Give it 12-24 hours and you have your tattoo. None of the needles. Zero commitment. Damn, it’s like they know me.

inkbox tattoo

Inkbox Kickstarter

With a funding goal just shy of $16,000, inkbox has ripped by it to nearly $136,000. The campaign still has 16 days to go. Delivery time is fantastic too. October for the designs they have on file and November for custom work.

The current total has them hitting their $100,000 stretch goal of a custom tattoo creator. A web-based platform, the goal is the company’s way of saying thanks and giving you the opportunity to go nuts.

Pricing starts at $18 and ships worldwide.

Just remember, it’s still on there for two weeks. What makes sense on Friday night isn’t washing off in time for Monday at the office.

Me being deathly afraid of needles, it’s perfect if I ever wanted to be sure on a tattoo. You don’t understand; I have perfected the ‘I’m gonna pass out face.’ Once a needle comes out, I go pale, sweaty and then comes the dizziness.

Whatever, I’m a baby. I’ve accepted it.

Inkbox has my back. No needles, it’s all-natural and only lasts for two weeks. And if I ever take the plunge for a real tattoo, at least I can try before I get drunk in Vegas.


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