With Marvel movies the Hollywood equivalent of a money printing press, the big question remains. Will Robert Downey return for a fourth installment of Iron Man? On Tuesday, he decided to have some fun by giving two contradictory interviews.

On Ellen, he seemingly confirmed that Iron Man was happening. “You know, we’re in the middle of negotiations,” he told her, before admitting, “Okay, yes.” Sounds cut and dry to me, we get a fourth Iron Man.

But wait, he also went on Letterman that same night. There he said there wasn’t going to be a fourth Iron Man, but he said he would continue to do other stuff with Marvel. The two interviews were a continuation of him playing with the media. He told Deadline that he would only suit up if Mel Gibson was directing the fourth installment. Yeah, I see that happening.

Moving to social media world, he took on the masses at Reddit during an AMA. “Sooner than later, the Marvel roster will be made public and all questions will be answered.” You’re killing us Tony Stark, just suit up and let us know when Banner gets there.

The key to knowing is what’s in the Marvel contracts with the actors. Some are locked in for nine films, like Sebastian Stan and Samuel L. Jackson. Stan plays Bucky Barnes in the Captain America franchise.

For those uninitiated in the comic books, you’re probably wondering why Bucky is slated for nine films. Well, Chris Evans won’t be playing Captain America forever. There’s a nice spoiler hint.

As for Downey’s contract, it is said to be looser. The Hollywood translation? Expect a giant check to get him back in the suit for Iron man 4. If Disney has to back a Brinks truck to his house, they will do it. Outside of Evans, he’s the most recognizable face of the Avengers franchise.

Now, if we can just get a Black Widow standalone for Scarlett Johansson. Robert Downey’s interviews were a part of his press tour to promote his upcoming film with Robert Duvall, The Judge. It opens this Friday.


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