Gears of War 5

The folks responsible for Gears of War these days, The Coalition, are looking for experienced developers to help “forge the future of the IP.” About a dozen listings are on the studio’s website, including roles like Senior Environment Artist, Lead Mission Designer, Senior Multiplayer Designer, and more.

And there’s no question what each role will be working on. They all specifically list Gears of War. Unfortunately, none of the listings show details of what we can expect from the next Gears of War.

What we do know for sure is it’ll utilize Unreal Engine 5. In May 2021, The Coalition announced they were shifting development to Unreal Engine 5. They talked about how the Gears of War franchise “has always been at the front of Unreal Engine development.” 

At the time, the studio said it would be a while before they announced any new titles. Since then, they gave us all a glimpse at what Unreal Engine 5 can do when they teamed up with Epic for The Matrix Awakens tech demo. 

Xbox’s Larry Hyrb sat down with two Epic and The Coalition members to talk about their work together on the tech demo. One of the main areas The Coalition worked on was performance optimizations, specifically for the Xbox Series X|S. Here’s the full chat to learn more about the two companies work together with The Matrix Awakens.

Work is still earlier on the next Gears of War game, but maybe we’ll hear our first details when Xbox hosts their usual Summer Showcase, which the company has confirmed.

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