No matter how hard you try, taking the perfect picture is often futile. A new app, Vhoto, promises to make capturing that perfect moment easier.

How? The Vhoto app uses proprietary technology to find the best images in any video and convert them to pictures. Someone close their eyes right as you took an otherwise perfect picture? No worries. With Vhoto you’ll get that perfect picture.

Vhoto isn’t just limited to video shot using Vhoto’s camera app either. You can upload video to Vhoto where the app will then scan the video based on twenty different metrics. These include, blur, faces, smiles, etc.

In a statement, Vhoto CEO Noah Heller said, “We are addressing two big pain points with mobile photography today. Everyone has had trouble hitting the button at the right moment to get the perfect shot. And everyone is forced to choose between photo and video every time we want to capture an amazing moment.”

“Vhoto solves both of these problems by starting with video. We get you all of the shots—quickly showing you the best ones and we get you video as well. We believe that this is fundamentally a better way to take a picture.”

Vhoto is available right now on the iOS store.

Here’s a short walkthrough showing how the app works.


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