MW3 armory unlock changes

Modern Warfare 3 Armory Unlocks Now Less Of A Headache

While most of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is an improvement over Modern Warfare 2, there are a few headscratchers. One of them is the Armory Unlock system. But a change in today’s update makes it a little less frustrating. From the devs:

  • Wins will now progress Armory Unlocks without first completing daily challenges.

Changes to the UI will be coming soon to reflect this change.

What was the problem with the Armory Unlock system? The devs opted to put certain perks, weapons, equipment, and more behind a system requiring us to complete daily challenges to unlock. Take a perk like Ghost. When I was unlocking it, I needed to get a certain number of kills with a Shotgun, and they had to count as ‘Point Blank’ kills. Luckily, I could pretty much get them at the same time. 

But there’s no way to swap out daily challenges. You have to wait for them to reset. When it’s ‘x kills with an Assault Rifle’, it’s not bad. But you’ll often get stuck with melee kills or using equipment still locked behind an Armory Unlock. That means you have to fire up Zombies to extract the equipment so you can use it for the challenges. It’s a roundabout system that’s frustrating. And it makes players change how they play way too much.

Today’s changes mean you can get Armory Unlocks by winning only. You won’t have to play a certain way to unlock a weapon or perk you want.

Going back to the old way of unlocking perks/weapons/equipment at certain levels would be best, but today’s change is a decent bandaid to the clunky system. 

Today’s update also significantly changed the movement system via Tac Sprint changes. There were also a couple of changes to two maps. Estate gets improved lighting to help spot players easier. And Underpass gets a tweak to a spawn point to prevent players from dying when they respawn. Zombies also saw a handful of fixes. You can check out the full patch notes here.