MW3 tac sprint changes

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Movement Gets A Gigantic Buff With Tac Sprint Changes

The slide-canceling fans are in for a treat with today’s Modern Warfare 3 update (now live). Movement gets a huge buff thanks to a series of changes to Tac Sprint. Here are the changes:

  • Decreased Tac Sprint refresh delay after sliding by 75%.
  • Decreased Tac Sprint refresh time to match the Infantry Vest / Running Sneakers.
  • Decreased sprint delay after sliding by 53%. 

Why the changes? The devs explain in the patch notes that they were “too aggressive” with the delay introduced at launch. Plus, the changes to the base Tac Sprint refresh time “aim to improve movement fluidity without making slide and Tac Sprint repetition the only viable choice for players.”

The base Tac Sprint time now matches the Infantry Vest / Running Sneakers. That should go even lower if you decide to equip both of those. 

Folks who slide cancel will probably keep doing it, but it should be more situational. You won’t need to destroy your thumbsticks to move around. Now, you can save the slide for pushing corners or gunfights. At the very least, the changes won’t make slide canceling mandatory for quicker movement. 

Here’s a glimpse at how slide canceling looks following today’s update.

It’s a solid change without reverting to how slide canceling used to refresh Tac Sprint back in Modern Warfare 2019. Plus, the base decrease to Tack Sprint refresh time means every player can enjoy faster movement without doing the extra inputs required for slide canceling. 

The changes will also be great for folks who enjoy playing Modern Warfare 3’s larger modes like Ground War and Invasion. Especially Invasion, where the game has a habit of spawning me as far from the action as possible. 

The rest of the update includes the usual bug fixes. So far, we still haven’t seen the first major multiplayer weapon balancing. I imagine the Holger 556, MCW, and DG-58 will be near the top of the list for weapon balancing.