Some like shopping for clothes. We’re a rare breed, almost like a unicorn in the fashion world. Even those among us, like me, that like shopping, despise a part of shopping. The dressing room. Mott & Bow is your fix for avoiding a dressing room trying on jeans.

The company follows the method of various men’s clothing startups. Men hate malls and hate dressing rooms more. How do you fix it? Premium denim shipped to your house with an extra size thrown in. If you accidentally on purpose put in a smaller waist size, you can select a larger size. Just in case. Brands fit differently, right?

Another bonus, this is premium denim without the outrageous cost. Mott & Bow sources from the best mills around, and keeps the styles classic. You can never go wrong with classic denim. The washed out look with holes everywhere? You better be catching a trend brotha.

Dark denim and a button up? Never goes out of style.

Signing up is easy. Jump over to their site and sign up for the home trial program. You get the size you selected and and an additional size to check for fit. If it doesn’t fit, not only do you acquit, the box comes complete with prepaid return labels.

Slap the label on the box, and drop it at the nearest FedEx drop off point. Mailbox stores are your best bet. Easy in and out.

Mott & Bow Styles

For skinny jeans aficionados, Mott has you covered. The jeans are mid size with a zipper fly. Skinny from the hip to hem and a tapered leg. Mott gives you eight options – different washes and denim.

Take the Thompson. The denim is 10.6 oz black denim sourced from Orta Anadolu in Turkey. It’s a simple rinse and no distressing is involved. Price? $108. Not bad considering premium denim can stretch well past $200.

thompson mott bow

Not a skinny jean fan, but still like a slim cut? You have ten options. One is the Bedford. It’s the goldilocks of jeans. Not too tight and not too loose. Again, the denim is sourced from Turkey and is 100% cotton.

bedford mott bow

Showing off their range of washes, the Bedford is a 6-month wash with distressing hand applied. It’s not overdone, so you don’t have to worry that you just walked out the early 2000s and they want their jeans back.

How about comfort above all else? The straight product line keeps it fashionable and comfortable. Mott calls it the original straight leg. 11 variations of the straight leg denim exist on the site. Pick your style and run with it.

An example? The Mosco. No distress is involved, but the denim has a resin rinse. Sprayed onto the raw jean, it is then curated in the oven.

mosco mott bow


Sure, some will scoff at the starting price of $96, but you get what you pay for. It also helps the company offers hassle free returns. Sure, most stores do the same, but dropping off a package is true hassle free. Finding a parking spot at the mall? Not so much.

Below are videos of the process Mott & Bow puts their product through.

Cut from Mott & Bow on Vimeo.

Resin Spray from Mott & Bow on Vimeo.

Scraping from Mott & Bow on Vimeo.

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