It’s that time of year when PC gamers hug their PCs and console gamers wish they had one. The Steam Holiday Sale has started.

In a press release, Valve says “the Steam Holiday Sale is on now thru January 2, 2015.”

Deals last a bit longer this go around. Featured deals last for 48 hours while flash deals rotate every 12 hours. Plenty of time for you to sit there staring at your Steam cart fool of goodies before pulling the trigger.

Here’s what the first day of sales looks like.

Featured Sales

featured steam sales

Flash Sales

flash steam sales

Looks like the damage might start early for me today. I’ll probably give my first go at Dark Souls 2. Yep, I’ve never played a Dark Souls game before. I’ve heard all the hype, just never gotten around to it.

State of Decay is a fantastic game. Scoop it up if you didn’t play the Xbox 360 version.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is also out on Steam today and is celebrating its release with a 33% off sale.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for Divinity: Original Sin over the next few weeks. What about you? Which games are you waiting for?


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