PUBG Is Ditching Blue Chip Detector, More Changes Coming To Tactical Gear

The devs for PUBG are adamant about getting Tactical Gear to work but are also listening to community feedback since the significant revamp with patch 24.1 earlier this month. The big news today is the Blue Chip Detector is being removed from the game. And more adjustments to the remaining Tactical Gear are coming in patch 24.2.

The devs explained what their intentions were with the changes earlier this month:

“Our intention to this change was to heighten the strategic depth and diversity of gameplay by making Tactical Gear a default gear and adjusting the overall performance, effectively making it a staple in the game. However, since the update went live, we have taken note of your feedback regarding the balance of specific Tactical Gear, including the Blue Chip Detector, EMT Gear, and All-In-One Repair Kit.

Having meticulously analyzed performance metrics in conjunction with your valuable input, we’ve concluded that further balance adjustments are necessary. We’ve paid particular attention to the feedback on the Blue Chip Detector and after extensive internal deliberation, we’ve decided to remove the Blue Chip Detector from the game. In addition, we’re also planning balance adjustments for other Tactical Gear as well. These modifications are slated to be implemented in Update 24.2.”

We’ve been getting major patches during the first half of each month lately, so we should hear more about these changes in the next two weeks.

I expect the EMT Gear to be more like it was pre-24.1 patch. The big changes to heal/revive time made the Tactical Pack or the Repair Kit a better option. We’ll see what the devs end up doing here. The devs signed off with this:

“We express our deepest gratitude for your ongoing feedback, and pledge to continue our efforts towards achieving a balanced and enjoyable gaming environment, with considerations extending beyond just Tactical Gear.”

The devs should also consider scrapping Tactical Gear period. If they can’t get the feature in a good spot balance-wise, get rid of it and try something new.