Not quite a hurricane, but Scorpion is coming into its own. The characters aren’t all likable, but that’s what makes the show click. They are supposed to be societal misfits. Essentially, they are too smart for their own good.

Cyclone kicks off with the team having to pass a test for the Homeland Security Director. Somehow that involves them training with Marines that would fall under the purview of the Department of Defense. Military operations are not conducted by Homeland. Still, it’s a laugh to see Walter and Sylvester outfitted as soldiers.

They end up failing the test after Sylvester freezes. They are quick to point out that the failure is on the soldiers, who were slow to breach. Their inability to accept criticism is a partial downfall in this instance. The director puts the team on ice.

Back at the shop, Gallo has to respond to a law office bombing, that just so happened to knock the Internet out from LA to Scottsdale. Walter figures it out, and they go uninvited to the scene of the crime.

scorpion cyclone review

Here, they show off they know more than everyone else, but an operative for FSG shows up and pushes back. Think of FSG as a euphemism for the NSA. I guess CBS has too many NCIS shows to start making government agencies mad.

Scorpion’s Final Shot?

Gallo tells Walter that this is their final shot. “You screw this up, and it’s over for all of us.” This is lazy storytelling on the part of CBS. They just saved the California governor last week, and over 50 planes the week before. Hard to imagine what they have left to prove.

The team gets a crack at the surveillance footage, and pulls off a slick trick with some serious Photoshop hacks. The use of technology in a scene has been perfected since the old days of just one CSI. Scorpion uses it to great effect here. Toby goes non-pc and manages to ID the bomber.

From there, the team tracks down the bomber, against Gallo’s orders. This leads to Happy rigging up a directional microphone, which the bomber spots. A chase breaks out, and the bomber ends up being hit by a city bus. If Gallo wasn’t mad at the team before, he’s absolutely furious.

This quickly ends after the FSG couldn’t crack the bomber’s laptop. Gallo tosses witring to Happy, who determines that more bombs are set to go off, and IEDs show US Special Forces training. LA is rocked by more explosions, and now it’s an all hands on deck to stop any future attacks.

Paige Finally Thrives

While they were staking out the bomber’s house, the team discussed Paige and why Walter hired her. They think of her as a simpleton, but Walter says that he found each of them in equally bad spots and they have thrived. So will Paige.

That comes through when the genius team is confused at the targets. An armored car was blown up, but Paige says it was accidental. The target was the building. She shows off her usefulness by explaining that armored car pickups are unpredictable – something the team didn’t realize.

Router House

Scorpion eventually determines the identity of the bomber, and how he was used to cover up the trail of an email that detailed the spying of the lead FSG operative on the White House and State Department.

From there, Toby deciphers the location of the router house, and the team rushes to get the hard copy of the email. There, Happy hears the sound of the last device, and climbs into the duct to retrieve it. Sylvester tells the team they have just over five minutes before it explodes.

Gallo and Sylvester head out with a copy of the email, while Toby and Paige start evacuating the building. Walter and Happy come up with a way to blunt the damage of the bomb when it explodes.

The FSG operative attacks Gallo as he’s making his way to the local DHS office. A fight ensues, and shows that the show needs to work on the fight choreography. It’s a bit over the top, but Sylvester redeems himself by grabbing the gun and getting the operative to surrender.

Walter Goes Hollywood Action Star

Back at the bomb site, Walter send Happy out as he finishes mixing the cement-like substance. Of course he doesn’t make it back to the team before the bomb blast sends out a cloud of dust. Cue the Hollywood soundtrack. He emerges from the cloud of dust unharmed. Cheesy? Yes. Predictable? Hell yes.

Back at the shop, they discuss the destroyed evidence, but Sylvester comes through as he was watching the email scroll by with Walter. He has the whole thing memorized. Of course. Button up the episode with that, and prep the ‘we are all family’ last five minutes. They meet up with Ralph at school and Walter explains that a family of scorpions is known as a cyclone.


So, after the over-the-top pilot, the show is finally settling down. The story-lines are still out there, but CBS knows how to make a procedural like this. It reminds me of NCIS LA without the guns. That’s a good thing for CBS, because it equals ratings.

The characters are coming along, with the writers still trying to bring Paige fully into the mix. It feels the show is still a couple of episodes away from hitting its stride, but it’s one of the more entertaining new fall shows. Just check reality before you hit play on the DVR.


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