UPDATE: PS4 was the top selling console in March according to the latest NPD. Wow… Disappointing month for Microsoft. Most people thought Titanfall would propel them to the top spot. Titanfall was the top-selling game of March with Infamous taking the second spot. Not only does Sony have more than 7 million sold, but they have secured the top spot in North American sales again. Impressive. We’ll have a full write up soon.

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Sony’s Playstation 4 is looking more like the PS2 than PS3. Sales have been fantastic for next-gen consoles, especially the Playstation 4. How fantastic? Sony announced yesterday it has sold over 7 million PS4s worldwide.

It’s unknown if that 7 million figure is sold to consumers, or sold to retailers. Judging by how hard it has been to find PS4s on store shelves in recent months, the numbers are probably pretty close regardless.

The 7 million number covers all territories as of April 6. PS4 software numbers have also been impressive with more than 20.5 million copies sold worldwide as of April 13. That puts the attach rate around 3 to 1. Not bad at all. That number should see a boost when the heavy hitters come later this fall.

The timing of Sony’s announcement is smart. March’s NPD numbers will release later today and the Xbox One is expected to take the top spot thanks to Titanfall. By releasing these numbers before the NPD, Sony can blunt whatever victory Microsoft gets in North America and still tout it’s the #1 console globally.

Sony Details Upcoming Firmware Update

Besides thumping its chest over sales numbers, Sony also detailed its first major update to the PS4. Update 1.70 will introduce SHAREfactory, a new video editor app for PS4. Those interested in capturing footage through an external capture device will be happy to hear HDCP will be disabled on games in the next update.

You’ll also be able to export captured content on to a USB drive. That should make uploading to YouTube a bit easier as the PS4 only allows direct uploads to Facebook right now.

Check out a short trailer showing off SHAREfactory below.


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