Starfield DLSS support update

The Starfield DLSS Update Is Imminent As It Hits Steam Beta, Here’s How To Use It Early

When Starfield first launched back, it did so without Nvidia’s DLSS feature. Modders quickly filled that gap, but folks waiting for official support can now breathe easy. The update adding DLSS support, eating and drinking food, and gameplay/quest fixes is now available via a Steam beta update. A few quick notes:

  • This update is opt-in for the Steam version only.
  • Starfield’s Steam beta is a separate version of the game. You can continue your latest save, but any new saves won’t be compatible with the live version until the update is fully released.

How do you opt-in to Starfield’s Steam beta updates? 

  • Open your Steam Library and head over to Starfield.
  • Right-click on ‘Starfield’ and select Properties.
  • In this window, you’re looking for ‘Betas.’ Here’s a screenshot showing it.
  • In that beta drop-down, select “[beta],” and you are good to go.

Once you opt-in, it’ll download a whole new game build. So keep that in mind if storage space is an issue. 

As for the official release date for other PC players (Game Pass) and Xbox? It’s coming this month, but no specific release date yet.

Besides adding DLSS and the ability to eat food found across Starfield, Bethesda also adjusted the stealth “to be a bit more forgiving.” 

There are also 25+ adjustments and fixes across gameplay, graphics, and quests. 

Fans and modders are still eagerly awaiting the release of official mod support for Starfield. The latest news on that front is it’s coming in early 2024.