unlock mw2 weapons in mw3

Yep, you can unlock weapons from Modern Warfare 2 in Modern Warfare 3. You may have fallen off Modern Warfare 2 shortly after launch or skipped it entirely. Me? I slowly played less a few months after launch, so I missed a few of the weapons added in later seasons. When Modern Warfare 3 launches this week, you’ll be able to unlock weapons in similar ways to Modern Warfare 2, but with one easier difference.

How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 weapons in Modern Warfare 3: Find the gun you want to unlock and extract with it in Modern Warfare Zombies. It works like it does in Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ, with one key difference. Because Modern Warfare Zombies is cooperative, you won’t have to worry about other players watching over extract locations.

Also, you can team up with a friend and have them drop off a specific weapon you can extract and unlock. 

There’s also the usual weapon challenge via multiplayer that you can do to unlock weapons, but those can be annoying to complete. 

Take the Tempus Razorback that I haven’t unlocked yet. I could extract it via a Zombies match, or I would need to get 35 Operator kills while mounted using Assault Rifles. It’s not a crazy challenge, but I don’t usually mount weapons so that it could take a while. 

So, how many weapons are there in Modern Warfare 3? With the ‘Carry Forward’ feature, every weapon from Modern Warfare 2 can be used in Modern Warfare 3. That means there are 114 weapons in Modern Warfare 3. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Assault Rifles – 21 Total (MW2: 15, MW3: 6)
  • Battle Rifles – 8 Total (MW2: 5, MW3: 3)
  • Submachine Guns – 18 Total (MW2: 12, MW3: 6)
  • Shotguns – 9 Total (MW2: 6, MW3: 3)
  • Lightmachine Guns – 11 Total (MW2: 6, MW3: 5)
  • Marksman Rifles – 12 Total (MW2: 8, MW3: 4)
  • Sniper Rifles – 10 Total (MW2: 7, MW3: 3)
  • Pistols – 12 Total (MW2: 8, MW3: 4)
  • Launchers – 5 Total (MW2: 4, MW3: 1)
  • Melee – 8 Total (MW2: 6, MW3: 2)

All the MW2 weapons are receiving a balance pass when Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer launches. With 100+ weapons on day one, I imagine we’ll quickly see even more balance updates as folks figure out which ones are the best. 

While there’s plenty familiar with Modern Warfare 3, like its multiplayer modes at launch, there are also some differences, like the removal of weapon tuning. Sledgehammer Games hopes the changes they’ve made are received well by the community when Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10.

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