If you were confused about which was the comedy show last night, the GOP debate or Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show, you’re in my boat. One was laughable, and the other actually had a poignant moment.

Yeah, leave it to Stephen Colbert to be the voice of reason out of everything on television last night. We knew his cameo was coming on Jon Stewart’s final show. It began with Colbert saying he was Stewart’s Sam.

Wait, Sam? If you know Colbert, you know he’s mildly obsessed with everything Lord of the Rings.

He went through his speech of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show journey, but then stopped Stewart from cutting to a break. He went off-script, thanking him for giving him his chance.

It was touching. And in a night of whatever the hell Fox News is calling that two hours, it was damn near moving. It’s sad to see both Colbert and Stewart off the air in their roles as political satirists.

You have to think Jon Stewart and his staff were thinking ‘why didn’t we schedule the last show for next week?’

Check out Colbert’s tribute below.


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