MW3 weapon balance update

Warzone’s dev team isn’t waiting for Season 1 Reloaded to take another swing at the Battle Royale’s weapon meta. In a Twitter/X post this week, Raven Software announced that a fresh weapon balance update is on the way and should hit servers mid-next week. They also confirmed everyone’s favorite Marksman Rifle, the MTZ Interceptor, will be on the chopping block.

There are no details on what kind of nerf we can expect for the MTZ Interceptor, but a decrease to maximum damage range is an obvious route for the developers to go. 

There are a handful of other weapons that could probably stand some tweaking. The WSP Swarm (SMG) and the Pulemyuot 762 (LMG) come to mind. Both weapons are powerful and have high pick rates, according to WZStats

No matter how many weapons there are in Warzone (and there are plenty), there will always be a handful that float to the top and dominate the meta. Folks will always min/max any weapon/attachment combo after an update to see if any changes flew under the radar. 

The question is, will the Warzone devs slowly chip away when nerfing the best weapons? Or, will they go scorched earth and knock them way down? So far, we’ve seen them take the chip-away approach unless something is obviously broken, like the TYR Snakeshot build

So far, we’ve mostly seen MW3 weapons at the top of the meta lists. Now that we’ve been using them for a while, it’ll be interesting to see if the devs start shuffling some balance boosts towards MW2 weapons. 

The next Modern Warfare 3 weapon balance update will be released around the middle of next week. We may also see a blog post covering Season 1 Reloaded around the same time. If we go off the Season 1 Battle Pass end time, Season 1 Reloaded should launch on January 17. 

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