Project Spark has been in closed beta for a while now. First on Windows and earlier this month, on Xbox One. Today, Project Spark’s Xbox One beta is open for all.

If you’re interested in creating games within games, head on over to the Xbox One store and download the game.

Don’t know what Project Spark is? Here’s a brief overview. Project Spark lets you create entire game worlds and program behaviours of in-game objects. Check out the video below to see what craziness Project Spark users have already created.

Team Dakota also announced the removal of spark time. This was a time limit on users who just wanted to play games created, not actually create their own. Project Spark fans had been clamoring for the removal of spark time and Team Dakota listened.

No specific release date has been announced for Project Spark, but it is expected to officially release in 2014. The game will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play when it releases.

Let us know what you think of Project Spark in the comments below.


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