Uhtred is back. You’d have to go digging on YouTube, but we are finally getting a first look at the fourth season of The Last Kingdom. Come on Netflix; you promote everything else, where’s the love for Uhtred, son of Uhtred? For those of you unaware of the show, imagine Vikings, but only if Ragnar was always in the scene. It’s easily one of the best shows on Netflix

Here’s the first trailer for season four. I expect Netflix will have something closer to April 26.

I must say it’s looking a bit dark this season. Granted, the show has always been on the darker side, but with King Alfred gone, it seems like it’s open season in Wessex. 

What can we expect in season four for our band of misfits led by Uhtred of Bebbanburg? For one, the trailer implies Uhtred is heading back to his birthplace to take on his uncle, who stole the land when Uhtred’s father died in battle. 

Next, we see a scene where it appears Uhtred has finally committed to a side in the wars between Saxons and Danes. A Dane warrior asks of Uhtred: “Why do you choose them?” The reply from Uhtred is: “They are my people.”

According to the summary of season four’s plot, we are in for a bit of a time skip. It won’t be as massive as the books they are based on, but we should start to see the children of Uhtred more prominently. 

Set your calendars for April 26, when the fourth season drops on Netflix. I know I’ll be binge-watching the entire season. Destiny awaits…

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