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February 2019’s Netflix New Releases Bring Comedy over Romance

Whether we’re ready or not, 2019 is upon us. 2018 is in the bank and with it comes a fresh set of Netflix new releases. Hey, we all need something to break our New Year resolutions. Might as well be some quality entertainment. Or at least a show or movie which doesn’t involve us getting off the couch.

Well, that was quick. One month of 2019 is in the books, and how many of us have stuck out our New Year’s resolutions? Hearing crickets… With one month coming to a close, it does give us a fresh slate of Netflix new releases. The streaming giant is serving up more comedy than romance.

If you’re a fan of American Pie or The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, you’re in luck come February. How about some horror to recover from the bad Valentine’s Day gift? Netflix is adding Hostel and Final Destination to its catalog. And then there’s the Jaws collection. On February 1st, kick back and watch one of the classics.

Most of Netflix’s new originals are focused on the standup comedy, though we finally get a look at The Umbrella Academy starring Ellen Page on February 15. It’s based on the comic series from Gerard Way.

It wouldn’t be a list of Netflix new releases without a marketing video:

Of course, I have to mention some of the best shows on the streaming network. Peaky Blinders is an absolute gem. The Last Kingdom was picked up for a fourth season. And Altered Carbon satisfies the sci-fi itch while we wait for what Amazon does with The Expanse.

Check out our other Netflix guides on the best tv shows, best sci-fi shows and best movies on Netflix. We keep them updated, so feel free to bookmark.

February 2019 Netflix New Releases

February 1

About a Boy

American Pie

American Pie 2

American Wedding

As Good as It Gets

Billy Elliot

Dear Ex – Netflix Film

Final Destination

Free Rein: Valentine’s Day – Netflix Original




Jaws 2

Jaws 3

Jaws: The Revenge

Personal Shopper

Pretty in Pink

Russian Doll – Netflix Original

Siempre bruja – Netflix Original

The Edge of Seventeen

True: Happy Hearts Day – Netflix Original

Velvet Buzzsaw – Netflix Film

February 2

Bordertown: Season 2 – Netflix Original

Romance is a Bonus Book (Streaming Every Saturday) – Netflix Original

February 3

Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua

February 5

Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner – Netflix Original

February 6

The Soloist

February 8

¡Nailed It! México – Netflix Original

El árbol de la sangre – Netflix Film

High Flying Bird – Netflix Film

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History – Netflix Original

One Day at a Time: Season 3 – Netflix Original

ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke – Netflix Original

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: Season 2 – Netflix Original

Unauthorized Living – Netflix Original

February 9

The Break: Season 2 – Netflix Original

February 10

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 2 (Streaming Every Sunday) – Netflix Original

February 11

Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine – Netflix Original

Little Women

February 14

Dating Around – Netflix Original

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho – Netflix Original

February 15

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy – Netflix Original

The Breaker Upperers – Netflix Film

The Dragon Prince: Season 2 – Netflix Original

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix Original

Yucatan – Netflix Film

February 16

Black Sea

Studio 54

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

February 21

The Drug King – Netflix Film

February 22

Chef’s Table: Volume 6 – Netflix Original

Firebrand – Netflix Film

GO! Vive a tu manera – Netflix Original

Paddleton – Netflix Film

Paris Is Us (Paris est à nous) – Netflix Film

Rebellion: Season 2 – Netflix Original

Suburra: Season 2 – Netflix Original

The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Season 2 – Netflix Original

The Photographer of Mauthausen – Netflix Film

Workin’ Moms – Netflix Original

February 25

Dolphin Tale 2

February 26

Our Idiot Brother

February 27

Unsolved: Tupac & Biggie

February 28

Jeopardy! Collection 2

The Rebound

Leaving Netflix in February 2019

February 1

Black Dynamite

Bride of Chucky

Children of Men


Disney’s The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Ella Enchanted

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Queer as Folk: Seasons 1-4

Queer as Folk: The Final Season

Shaun of the Dead

The Big Lebowski

The Bourne Ultimatum

Woman in Gold

February 2

Cabin Fever

February 3


February 19

Disney’s Girl Meets World: Seasons 1-3

February 20


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