It’s Official, Total War Saga: Troy Is Coming, And It’s Using Warhammer 2

We knew Troy would be a backdrop for a Total War game thanks to a trademark application. Today, Creative Assembly makes it official. Here are the announcement trailer and a look at the campaign map.

Like the other two Saga games, Troy will use an existing Total War game for its codebase. In this case, it’s a modified Warhammer 2 engine.

Creative Assembly touched on why they chose Troy for their next Saga:

This period is also one of the most distinguished and mysterious within human history due to it being rich in the myth and legend of heroes and monsters, allowing us to explore a plethora of new ideas for our fans to experience.

The devs also mention how they are approaching the Trojan war from a ‘truth behind the myth’ angle. They are using sources such as Homer’s Iliad and pairing them with archaeological findings to give this time period a more accurate historical feel.

Take Greek Gods for example. While tales tell of them having a direct influence, Creative Assembly will instead utilize them in a new Gods and Favor gameplay system. You’ll gain bonuses based unique to each God ranging from strategic buffs to resource increases.

Creative Assembly also touched on mythical creatures:

Our truth behind the myth approach has allowed us to draw from a multitude of mythology’s most renowned monsters and include them within the battlefields of Troy as realistic representations of what their true form may have been. This approach has allowed us to expand the unit diversity by including unique warriors to the roster whilst adding an extra layer of tactical versatility to the conflict.

Here’s an example of how they are approaching mythical creatures.

The tweaked version of dueling feature from Three Kingdoms is making its way into Troy as well.

I still want to see more of this ‘truth behind the myth’ approach. If you’re going to do Troy, do it up right. Or, give us a similar option (Romance/Records) like Three Kingdoms had.

Today’s first glimpse is looking good. I love how the sky looks in the campaign map. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting until sometime in 2020 to get our hands on Total War Saga: Troy.